crossword cracker

- mobile edition v0.1 -
Enter the letters you have already, and press space for the letters you don't.
Enter a combination of letters to find a word that can be made of all of those letters.
Enter what letters you have and find what words can be played along with their score.

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Crossword Cracker

- mobile edition v0.1 -

Crossword Cracker is developed by Jason Carle. The original project began in 2001 as a Win application, due to my pregnant better half constantly asking me if I knew the answer to a crossword clue, and reading out what letters she had - thanks for the idea Toni! :)

10 years on, I have re-coded Crossword Cracker into an online web application with mobile support, using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & jQuery Mobile, PHP and MySQL.


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How to use Crossword Cracker

Crossword Cracker has 3 search modes:

Crossword Search

This tool will help you find possible words that fit into that crossword you're stuck on.

Simple enter in the letters for the word that you have, and press space (which will put a question mark on the screen) for the letters that you don't know. eg: ch??t

Anagram Search

Enter in a group of letters to find what words can be made up using all of those letters.

Scrabble Search

This is a powerful search which will find all words that can be made up from some or all of the letters you enter in.

It will also show the scrabble score for that word in brackets after each found word :)

Please note that this new mobile version of Crossword Cracker is still in development.


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